A Timely Email Request

 July  31, 2018

A Possibility to Collaborate with A Colleague

From Señora:       I'm wondering if any art or technology specialists are interested in collaborating with me on a project for sixth grade (or combined 5-6) from September 10-28.  This is a project/unit that the entire MAC Language department is working on, and I would like for the sixth graders to participate.  Using the World Cup as a launching point, students will learn about chants that fans use to cheer on their team, eventually creating a simple cheer in the target language.  Then, students will design a flag as a visual representation of their cheer.  In Spanish, we will discuss the meaning of the colors and symbols in the American, Mexican, and Spanish flags.  Finally, students will explain the meaning of the colors and symbols in the flags they have created, in Spanish.I am hoping to collaborate on the designing the flag part, which can be done either electronically or on paper.  Attached please find a link to a site that explains the meaning of colors in flags in simple terms.Color meanings in flagsPlease let me know if this is something that will fit into your plans, and enjoy the rest of the summer.

My Response:        Well, this is a possibility. I have bought a Cricut for BA and KES. Do you know about them? Well they way I have been learning so far is to create images and then cut out pieces of the image or cut out words (or letters) For the blank parts that have been cut out, you can glue a piece of colored paper behind it so it would show through. 

I'll attach an image of a coding badge that I made for my summer camp kids. The badge is pretty small - about 3" X 3"  I don't know how large you want them to be. Basically, it works well with the 8 1/2 X 11 size card stock papers. Mine only shows 2 colors, but more colors could be put behind the open areas. We could also cut out fabric or vinyl, and piece the parts together. 

I am working on a grad project, and this could fit in with that. But what do you think? 

This really is a way for me to teach them the machine, and have the project connect to the curriculum.   Thanks!

Posted 7-31-18

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