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Empathize with our school /town communities to better understand how we (grades K-6) 

Greg Kulowiec

Final Thoughts – CML
Final Thoughts  Collaboration with Robin on Monday, August 13, 2018 - Thank you, Robin! We connected!link to above image:[...]
After – Beach Swag!
After - Beach Swag!!Yes, I found this FLAG early this morning when walking on the beach!This is so funny -[...]
Final Project Selection
FINAL PROJECT SELECTIONThe fabric flag on the left & the card stock flag on the right - both made from the[...]
Design Thinking Logo Flag?
Design Thinking Logo Flag? Yes or No?I could try to simplify my Design Thinking / Design Mindset Infograph and create[...]
A Project Possibility
A Timely Email Request July  31, 2018A Possibility to Collaborate with A ColleagueFrom Señora:       I'm wondering if any art[...]
Grad Project-the beginnings
Grad Project - the beginnings July  31, 2018What to Do? What to Make? I am still a bit undecided as to my[...]
Making It Happen
Making It HappenTools, Devices, SoftwareDid some parts of the book resonate more than others? Why do you think this is[...]
Design Thinking
Design ThinkingEmpathy - Define - Ideate(Brainstorm) - Prototype - TestThis is Part 1 of the Deep Dive With Design Thinking.[...]
Learning Environments
Learning EnvironmentsShaping the Learning EnvironmentThis upcoming school year will see several changes in my schools. Two of my school libraries[...]
The Stuff of Making – Both Old and New
The Stuff of Making - Both Old and New    Making - - Experiences, Materials, Game-Changer Technologies, Successes and Lessons LearnedThis[...]
Teaching for Invention – Teaching Practices
Teaching for Invention - Teaching PracticesProject based learning? Rubrics? NGSS? Prompts!I have been on the fringes of project-based learning. Most[...]
Iterative Design
Iterative Design     Invention, Design and Powerful IdeasTask: Defining iterative design using my original artwork (see above), and then explaining[...]
The First Readings
                        Standing on the Shoulders of GiantsStudents have already[...]
Create Make Learn – the beginning
Many New BeginningsAnd Some Past CreationsImages of various brush bot iterations over the past few years.Create Make Learn - The[...]
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