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The animation above is how I finally feel right now. I am at a point where I feel I can celebrate these past weeks of making success. I learned how to do this easy animation during CML from Lucie - using the Assistant in Google Photos. I love it - all very easy.

SO TO BEGIN WITH, this project has focused on learning the Cricut machine. When I opened the box, I thought I would be able to easily set up an account, and create the first project that comes with the Maker. However, I decided to look online first at a beginning tutorial How I love videos! They are so convenient for learning. I really should create a Snagit of the basic process for my students. That way, they can review the process many times. Sometimes Snagit is better for the younger students, because that can get easily distracted when viewing on YouTube. Unfortunately, I do not have photos for the intro card project.  - I really didn't know this was going to be my Maker Project for our class at the time.

During the week of July 30th - August 3rd, I started learning the machine inearnest. This is when I created badges for the Scratch class that I was teaching. There were 11 students, so each day I created and cut out a project in what Cricut calls their "Design Studio". I was mostly using basic shapes, but I did use a Scratch image to cut out. For those badges, I added that the image was from Scratch@mit.edu. 

As usual, the more you work with something new, the more questions you begin to ask. For example, when making the Spiralizer badge, I wanted to use Print and Save. Each time I went to inset the printed copy, the machine cut out the image in the wrong place! Then I tried to use the pen and cut technique, and each time the machine would cut out the letters that I only wanted printed with the pen function. Clicking around the Cricut interface gave some answers, and going online also helped. the booklet helped - but just a little.

I was glad that I had set up a class early on (I almost cancelled it). The Cricut teacher was really an expert, and answered all of my questions, and she taught me even more than I expected. It is a great cutting machine/robot with a possibility of endless projects to create. 

Here is a link to photos from making the fabric flag. Selecting the fabric was fun.  

Another link to a photos folder - remaking the same flag, but out of card stock paper.

This is a link to a Snagit I made for using text and basic shapes. There is an image below that is a reminder to save your work.

Just for fun - We're having an unbirthday party and these are some of the favors.

Now I won't be picking up the wrong glass!

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