Design Thinking Logo Flag? Yes or No?

I could try to simplify my Design Thinking / Design Mindset Infograph and create the pieces to assemble to use as an example for the students in the fall for the Señora/Spanish/Flag Unit. That way I can teach the Design Mindset at the same time as the Cricut. And then, this Blog post can be the beginnings of the Introductory Post on the CML G+ Blog! Do it, Eileen!

Well, after resting on this idea, I have backed off of this one. I think it is best to start small and simple. I could do this flag later - and I really hope to, but my energy for creating this at this time is not available.

The Design Process continues to Iterate, to rethink to test to define to empathize. Empathy with my colleague will be foremost here. I will stick with her directions so that the students do not go off in an unwanted direction. We will all be on the same page!

Posted on Sunday, August 2018

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