The fabric flag on the left & the card stock flag on the right - both made from the same template.

How Might We... Become a Cricut expert at home (even though you don't own one)? 

How Might We...Share the compatible computers?

How Might We...Consolidate our designs so that each individual student would not have to go to the machine one at a time?

How Might We...Use math skills to save time and space later?

My final selection project has been building up over the past few weeks. I have been learning the Cricut machine so that in September I can collaborate on a project with our Spanish teacher. Señora invited me to collaborate with her in an email on July 31st.

Supplies The Cricut , card stock paper in various colors, scissors and glue

The empathy piece: First I need to share all my thoughts and ideas with my collaborator. Señora was the driving force for the initial unit. She will be the one to first teach the students the directions and outline for them the final outcome of the lesson. For my part with the students in September, I will encourage the class to not only listen and look, but to get together in groups and discuss what might be the best solution to their flag design. I will present the flag that I created, and how the pieces for that flag were placed into the design space on the Cricut website. This will be shared via the projector on a large whiteboard. Most of our students only use Chromebooks. When they go to place their design into the Cricut interface I will have to provide a PC or Mac. They will have their sketches with them (like I did for my prototype) and test their design out first with scissors. Will some parts exist as negative? Some positive?  They will not only learn from me, but also from each other.

My Inspiring Quote from Seymour Papert (1928-2016) The role of the teacher is to create the conditions for invention rather than provide ready-made knowledge

Posted on Wednesday, August 

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