Grad Project - the beginnings

 July  31, 2018

What to Do? What to Make? 

I am still a bit undecided as to my final project, but I am going ahead with the idea that I emailed Lucie today. Being able to teach my students how to use the Cricut in a way that is integrated into a classroom lesson with a standard attached was a goal I had when I bought these machines. This might just be the exact project for me!

One missing piece: a picture book to start the discussion - I'm not there yet. Something that has to do with digital citizenship and making and designing. I'm not sure yet. Whatever.

Note to Lucie: Email sent on July 31, 2018  Hi Lucie, My first course project idea for the graduate piece of CML will have to be put on hold. The items I ordered for my beta water graffiti board will not arrive until Sept. 7-17. I will instead focus on learning the Cricut machine by making a variety of badges that students can earn. I am teaching a summer workshop this week to 8-12 year olds on coding with Scratch, so I am learning the machine, and making them badges. After the school year begins, my plan is to teach my students that skill. The students will use the design thinking process (like I am doing now) in creating a digital citizenship badge for their first lesson. An extended lesson will be for them to use an LED in another school-related badge. I purchased Cricut machines just a few weeks ago for two of my schools. This weekend I have started to learn the techniques. I am not using any of the Cricut pre-made templates. So far, I have created three badges for the upcoming week. My project information will live on my website, I will continue to use Padlet to document processes, but my website is a better place for the graduate course materials to live. Thanks again for an inspiring week of new learning and hard fun, Eileen

Posted 7-31-18

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