Learning Environments

Shaping the Learning Environment

This upcoming school year will see several changes in my schools. Two of my school libraries will begin to become a shared space for the books and the making items. For the Teaching for Invention questions I wrote about how our 5th graders helped me to reconfigure one library. I now have a large open space in front of the smartboard. My old card catalogs are filled with lots of small items to inspire and aid the making process. I’ve also been able to buy some new furniture: swivel chairs, rocker chairs, bean bags, and some supply carts on wheels. I fastened fur-like fabric to the backs of some of the bookcases so that the students could lean against them and read or work on a project.  I have ordered a 3D printer and a cricut for two of my schools. There are now 12 spheros. Several hand and power tools have been ordered. I am still gathering supplies and adding to lists. My principals, the teachers and the community are on board with these changes. The schools are also introducing “learning hubs” this year. The 2018-2019 school year will be one of change. I will be in Burlington next week and will come home with many new great ideas and prompts. Do I have questions? Yes, but I am actually first trying to absorb all the information from Invent To Learn.

The third teacher, my classroom environment, will hopefully inspire and invite all students to feel comfortable and free enough to express and create projects. I have always tried to encourage students to have fun during both library and tech lessons. After reading these chapters, I will relook and reassess the physical layout, the posters and art work that is displayed. This probably should (once again) be a student-led design project to determine the featured posters and art work. Maybe it is best to begin the year with some blank walls.

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Ch. 9, 10   ITL Questions 9-10

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